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Microsoft Edge 90

Microsoft Edge 90 Is Out With Kids Mode And More

Right on schedule, Microsoft is releasing Edge 90 today. The big hero feature of this version is Kids Mode, something that was first introduced in the lower channels back in February. The idea, as you can probably guess, is to provide a safer browsing experience for children.


There are two separate settings for Kids Mode based on your child’s age, so you can set it for 5-8 or 9-11. All you have to do if click on the profile picker in the top-right and choose “Browse in Kids Mode”. In order to get back, you’ll need to authenticate your account so kids can’t do it themselves.


Animation of new Microsoft Edge features


First of all, tracking prevention is set to the maximum level in Kids Mode, no matter which age group you choose. There’s also a white-list of about 70 sites, although as Microsoft said you’d be able to do from the beginning, you can customize that list. You also get Bing SafeSearch to make sure that adult content is blocked in search results.


All of that stuff is for both age groups, but if you choose 9-12; there are some perks. For example, there’s a news feed on the New Tab Page with content from MSN for Kids. These can be about science, fun facts, animals, and more. There are also browser themes that are based on Disney titles like FrozenThe Little MermaidCarsToy Story, and Coco.

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Animation of new Microsoft Edge features


Along with Kids Mode, there are a few other minor new features, such as a better history search. The whole idea is to make search terms a bit more like natural language. So, instead of trying to remember the name of that book that caught your eye while you were shopping yesterday, you’ll be able to search for something like, “book from yesterday”.


Password Monitor is now generally available. It actually started rolling out back in January; but it should be available for everyone now. It lets you know if any of your passwords have been found on the dark web.


To manually update your Edge browser, you can go to Settings -> About Microsoft Edge. If you don’t do that, the browser will be updated in the background at some point today.



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