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Microsoft Blocks Office VBA Macros By Default After Security Concerns

Microsoft is blocking Office (VBA) Visual Basic for Applications macros by default after recent increasing security concerns. This will go automatically off within its Office apps, for downloaded files and macros.

Security Message

This change affects the web versions of Excel, Visio, Word, Access and Powerpoint on Windows. Microsoft is also blocking internet VBA macros on Office 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021 and LTSC versions. The security change is a result of hackers attacking Office documents macros for a quite number of years with malware. The default office button has allowed numerous attacks and access to others.

Excel Office 365 VBA MsgBox - Use the Message Box Function!!

A product manager at Microsoft, Kellie Eickmeyer says “the default is more secure and is expected to keep more users safe including home users and information workers in managed organizations.”

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But despite that Microsoft has decided to let go of the default button for Macros. Instead, a security risk banner will hover when there’s a link to a Microsoft article.

Microsoft has acquired RiskIQ, a cybersecurity firm after threats of ransomware heightened recently.

Microsoft confirms it's buying cybersecurity startup RiskIQ | TechCrunch

This acquisition comes after months of continued ransomware, the SolarWinds hack, which breached its own systems, and REvil ransomware group causing havoc with ransomware and supply chain attacks.

The cloud-based RiskIQ company uses software to detect security issues across devices and devices. Initially started in 2009, the firm now has the US Postal Service, Facebook, and car manufacturing company BMW among its customers. Microsoft also acquired Refirm Labs as it tries to shield its Internet of Things devices and servers from security attacks and the likes.



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