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Microsoft And UNICEF Announce Anti-Violence Tool Primero X

Microsoft has collaborated with UNICEF to release a new version of Primero called Primero X. This Primero X is an open-source case management web app that can help social service providers give support to kids and women who are vulnerable. Primero X has been launched at a time when domestic and gender-based violence cases linked to COVID-19 are on the increase so it is expected to help tackle these issues.


The new version of Primero which the two organisations have been working on supports faster deployment of the software. It is efficient whether the device is online or offline, it better protects the privacy of at-risk children and it helps workers deliver better quality and consistency of care to vulnerable groups.

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Commenting on Primero X, Microsoft Global Head of Tech for Social Impact Justin Spelhaug said, “We firmly believe technology can be a force for good in these challenging times; and our partnership with UNICEF to support vulnerable children and women is even more critical during COVID-19. Primero is improving the quality and consistency of care for social workers; so they can focus on those who need it most.”


Primero is available in 29 countries and territories around the world; however, Primero X is being piloted in Ghana alone. By 2022, the new version of Primero should have arrived in dozens of countries; and by 2025, UNICEF plans to have Primero X live in 60 countries and territories around the world.


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