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Microsoft Advise Windows 11 Users To Activate Tamper Protection Feature

Microsoft is advising Windows 11 users to activate its tamper protection security feature in order to prevent ransomware. Its security feature on Windows 11 helps keep users safe from prying eyes and it’s totally free.

Protect security settings with tamper protection | Microsoft Docs

Its Tamper security feature has been available for users since Windows 10 for both personal and business users. Microsoft is encouraging users as they migrate to Windows 11 to turn on this security feature.

Microsoft describes the severity of the situation as “During some kinds of cyber attacks, bad actors try to disable security features, such as anti-virus protection, on your machines.”

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“Bad actors like to disable your security features to get easier access to your data, to install malware, or to otherwise exploit your data, identity, and devices. Tamper protection helps prevent these kinds of things from occurring.”

how to enable / disable tamper protection in windows 10 Pro?? - Microsoft Q&A

This tamper protection feature prevents third parties from gaining the security settings of users on Windows 11. Hackers have been known to tamper with Windows devices security settings during the update installation.

Microsoft also has this to say. “it essentially locks Microsoft Defender Antivirus to its secure, default values, and prevents your security settings from being changed through apps and methods”

It’s really important to activate the tamper feature. Hackers could lock you or your organisation out of your windows system and demand a huge sum of money for a release.



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