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Microsoft adds free built-in VPN to Edge browser

Microsoft Edge browser gets a free built-in VPN as part of its most recent security update under a ‘secure network’ theme.

Microsoft revealed rolling out a new way to protect users while browsing with its Edge Secure Network in a recent announcement. However, this is still a preview feature; which means it is still in development and users are expected to send feedback to the developers.

Microsoft encrypts your internet connection to protect your data from bad actors by passing it through an encrypted tunnel to make users safer. You are also assured of protection while using a non-secure URL or a shared public Wi-Fi network.

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In addition, the browser will prevent internet service providers from collecting your browsing data by encrypting web traffic. The same thing applies to online entities that profile users and target them with ads.

Like regular VPNs, the Microsoft Edge Secure Network lets users browse through a virtual IP address; this disguises your real IP and changes your geolocation with another regional address that looks like yours. This cloaking makes it difficult for online tracking and secures your browsing.

You should note that you will need to sign in to Microsoft Edge with your Microsoft Account to use it, and you only get 1GB of free data every month.

To turn on the protection, go to Settings and more > Turn on Microsoft Edge Secure Network. If you are signed in, and the VPN is on, you will see a shield icon, and it turns off automatically when you close the browser. Then, you have to turn it on when next you open the browser.

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