You are currently viewing Microsoft reports 20 million Xbox Cloud Gaming users

Microsoft reports 20 million Xbox Cloud Gaming users

— Microsoft says that Xbox Cloud Gaming now has 20 million users.
— The number represents a two-fold increase within six months.
— It coincides with its partnership with Epic Games to offer Fortnite for free.

In its first-quarter fiscal 2023 earnings call, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reported that 20 million users now turn to its Xbox Cloud Gaming services.

As noted by The Verge, it appears that the company’s partnership with Epic Games to offer Fortnite on the platform is yielding the expected results. The game is currently free to play and does not require you to have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Fortnite mobile gaming poster. Image Source: Fortnite.

The new figure represents a 100% markup from the last time that Microsoft announced the number of people using its gaming service, which was just six months ago. Without an available comparison, it is not certain if Xbox is the queen of cloud gaming.

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However, a brief look at its would-be rivals show that it is possibly faring better than them. For example, Google is having to retire Stadia in 2023 because of poor usership. It never told us how many users it had but it could not have been as much as Xbox’s, otherwise, it would have stuck to it. Then, there is the GeForce Now by Nvidia, which does not reveal its numbers. The same thing can be said about Luna, which is run by Amazon.

With a Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription price of $14.99, it is not surprising how quickly the numbers rose with free Fortnite. It is likely that the company would start offering more free games and even consider a cheaper tier, maybe one with ads enabled. Recall that Microsoft is powering the Netflix ad-supported plan.

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