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MeyGen Tidal Turbines Generates Enough Electricity To Power 4,000 UK Homes

The MeyGen turbine array in Scottish waters has generated 13.8 gigawatt-hours of electricity all of 2019. This is nearly double what it generated in 2018 which was about 7.4 gigawatt-hours.


The project called Simec Atlantis running since 2017 has now sent 24.7GWh of electricity to the grid. It uses the MeyGen array and is located between the northern coast of mainland Scotland and the island of Stroma.


This exported energy is equal to the annual consumption of about 3,800 UK homes in 2019.


To understand how momentous this result is, a large country like Nigeria endowed with large oil, gas, hydro and solar resources has the potential to generate 12,522 megawatts (MW) every day. However, according to USAid, the country struggles to generate electric power of only about around 4,000 MW, on most days. Of course, this is insufficient but it passes the message.

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MeyGen turbine
Photo: CNN.


According to the official web page, it describes the project’s location as:


“A 3.5km site covered by some of the fastest flowing waters in the UK, just 2km from Scotland’s north-east tip. The northern side of the site is the uninhabited island of Stroma, which creates a natural channel with the mainland to accelerate the millions of tonnes of water flowing between the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean every day.” 


To improve it, there are plans to add 80MW extra capacity, with new AR2000 turbines developed with GE.


“The AR2000 will rise 25m above the seabed, with a 20m rotor diameter spinning at up to 3.1m/s. It will weigh 150 tonnes and the rotor will rotate at 6-14 rpm,” IMechE says.


Atlantis CEO Tim Cornelius also said:


“Not only is this world-renowned project helping the UK meet its ‘net-zero’ ambitions, but it is also providing valuable performance data which can be used to inform future projects, demonstrating MeyGen’s importance as a global prototype.” 


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