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Metasploit: A Penetration Testing Instrument Essential For Hacking

Metasploit is a penetration hacking tool, that ensures seamless hacking.  It can be used by both attackers and defenders for hacking.

Spy On Windows Machines Using Metasploit
Spy On Windows Machines Using Metasploit


Loads of analysts use this tool in the information security world, Metasploit is free to use and comes pre-installed in Kali Linux. This tool uses a command-line process that might require a lot of typing.

Initially released in 2003, HD Moore released the first version of the hacking tool and has since grown tremendously. Rapid7 acquired the Metasploit software in 2009 to improve security testing.

Metasploit Logo
Metasploit Logo


HD Moore serves as Chief security officer, the company maintained an open-source program and at the same time made a commercial version of Metasploit. its Pro version allows restricted, remote access to networks.

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Metasploit integrates with other applications such as SNMP scanning, windows patch enumeration, and free security scanner Nmap.

How to learn Metasploit

For users looking to learn how to use this tool, downloading and installing the Kali Linux; as well as a vulnerable virtual machine would be perfect according to a writeup by J.M Porup.


Training the world's most powerful hacking platform - part-2

Other materials that are helpful are Metasploit Unleashed by Offensive Security in order to raise awareness for underprivileged children in East Africa for a donation.


Its YouTube channel gives detailed processes for beginner penetration testing. Metasploit works on Windows and NixOs platforms. GitHub users can download its source code from their site. Metasploit provides a medium for attackers and defenders to learn and master the fine art of ethical hacking.



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