You are currently viewing Meta is shutting down its newsletter feature, Bulletin
Meta is shutting down its newsletter feature, Bulletin

Meta is shutting down its newsletter feature, Bulletin

Meta is shutting down its newsletter feature, Bulletin, which it had propped to be a Substack competitor. According to a report by The New York Times, the company shared the news via email to creators.

As product graveyard reputation goes, Meta is right at the top with Google. Bulletin was pitched in June 2021 as a way for independent writers to reach more people and make money in the process.

That Bulletin had no signup process and that you only became a part of it after Meta manually added you was a sign of trouble. Although, the platform tried to encourage creators to take a chance with it by all means, including promising not to take a cut from their subscriptions until 2023.

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Yet, Bulletin never picked up and it is likely that you don’t even know such a thing existed. As of late 2021, six months after its launch, Meta reported that the platform had over 115 publications and about 50% of the creators had more than 1,000 free subscribers. The numbers were likely intentionally vague.

Meta is shutting down its newsletter feature, Bulletin
Bulletin is a new feature powered by Meta

With job cuts and slowed hiring at Meta this year, it was only a matter of time before Bulletin kissed the axe. The company that owns it is instead focused on pushing video consumption and building the metaverse.

However, it is not completely over for writers who placed their trust in Meta. That is, if they can create video content instead of written ones.

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