You are currently viewing Mark Zuckerberg announces Meta Connect event for October 11
Mark Zuckerberg announces Meta Connect event for October 11

Mark Zuckerberg announces Meta Connect event for October 11

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta is the latest tech company to announce an event for product launches in the ember months. In a Facebook post, the company’s boss said that the Meta Connect event would hold on October 11.

With the Apple Far Out event in September and Google Pixel launches in early October, tech-tember has truly kicked off. 

Zuckerberg was wearing what appears to be the coming Project Cambria headset (in black). Already, we have seen several videos of the tech billionaire testing the headset’s mixed-reality capabilities, and it has simply been mouth-watering.

The future of Mark’s empire now relies on the success of his metaverse, and with more than $10 billion going into it as investment every year, according to CNBC, this is not an endeavour that can fail.

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Rumoured to be priced as highly as $800, the Project Cambria headset is supposed to set the tone for what the virtual reality headsets of the future should aspire to be like. 

Already, Meta Quest 2 is the company’s flagship headset and has been getting favourable reviews. However, the coming gadget is expected to leave it in the dust.

The Meta Connect event on October 11 is also expected to bring updates about the Horizon Worlds app, which the company hopes will work like a VR social media platform. 

Mark Zuckerberg has said that the metaverse aims not to keep users hooked to the internet like some dystopian sci-fi villain. Instead, he hopes the innovation improves our connection to one another.

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