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Meta Buys Smart Lens Company, Luxexcel To Make AR Glasses

Meta has completed a deal to acquire Luxexcel, which specialises in making 3-D printing lenses for smart glasses, to make AR glasses. The manufacturer is based in the Netherlands and the details of the acquisition were not revealed.

Meta’s head of financial communications, Ryan Moore, confirmed the deal to TechCrunch, mentioning that the company’s team remained intact and will now be part of the social media company.

Luxexcel has been operating since 2009, starting out as a firm that built regular lenses. However, overtime, it has adapted its products to offer much more. The company expects to integrate augmented reality elements into holographic film, projectors, and other prescription lenses.

Luxexcel glasses
Luxexcel glass. Image Source: Luxexcel.

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As The Verge reports, the lens maker recently collaborated with WaveOptics, which supplies the displays used in Snap’s spectacles, to create a lens outfitted with waveguides, or the transparent display technology needed to superimpose virtual objects on a user’s real-life environment.

This deal is Meta’s latest effort to make its virtual reality world a more solid experience for users. However, its AR glasses are not coming out anytime soon as industry experts say that making one for customers will take several years.

The company is also making moves in the software division as well with its deal to acquire Within Studio still pending. With the billions going into this project, it is not yet clear just how many years Meta has left before the financial hardship starts to bite into its operations a little harder.

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