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Meta will block sharing private home addresses to stop doxing

Meta will stop users from sharing residential private home addresses on Facebook and Instagram, as well as photos of the property’s premises.

In a bid to stop doxing — publishing private or identifying details about a person with malicious intent — Meta moves to change what it allows and what it doesn’t. Before now, the company only allowed users to post private home addresses if it is publicly available. This means that the address can be found in ‘five or more’ media outlets already.

However, that no longer applies. It reached this conclusion after its Oversight Board had deliberated on the issue for a better part of one year. “…we recognize that implementing this recommendation can strengthen privacy protections on our platforms,” the company said.

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Meta is also changing how it handles photos of the outside of people’s homes. Unless it is posted with the intention of organising a protest against the resident, Meta says that it will allow such posts to stay. In reverse, if the resident is a high-ranking official (heads of state or ambassadors), the social media company says that it will allow users to share photos of their property in relation to organised protests.

If you feel like you have been doxed, Meta is making it easier for you to report Privacy Violation. It will promote the option to a more ‘prominent’ position instead of leaving it buried beneath menus and options. Still, in the same vein, the company said that it is partnering with about 850 organisations to help victims of privacy violations, including Revenge P_rn Helpline in the UK and the National Network to End Domestic Violence in the US.

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