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Meet The Kinds Of Boyfriends You Don’t Need In Your Life

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Craving romantic love is not a bad thing. It’s actually normal to want to feel and give love. This is why girls seek for boyfriends that would satisfy this craving. However, you need to be careful about whom you give your love to. There are many stories about failed relationships. One of the reasons this is recurrent is because people fail to learn from their mistakes.


If you’ve been in a bad relationship before, then welcome to the club of mistakes made and lessons learned. But if you’ve never even been in a relationship, then don’t fear. This is a guide to help you determine the kind of boyfriends to avoid, and to guide you towards the ones for keeps.


So, what kind of boyfriends do you need to avoid?


Boyfriends you don’t need in your life

There are some types of men you need to avoid. Yes, they’ve all got flesh and blood but their character says more. Don’t let the cute gestures and material things deceive you. That’s all a front to hide what’s beneath.


Here’s our list of boyfriends who aren’t keepers! Avoid them like a plague and thank us later.


1. The Penny-pinching Guy


This guy is stingy! He might be perfect in every other way if you’re lucky, but he can’t seem to spend on you. Sometimes, you need a little more than words; you need actions of endearment. Boyfriends who can’t spend on you to make you smile won’t get better if you become his wife. Don’t stick with the stingy guy. Get yourself someone who is willing to be generous with his heart (and pocket).


2. The Buff Guy

Initially, he looks manly and s**y. You just want to sink your teeth into those muscles. He looks like he’d protect you, but if your partner ever tries to hit you, please run! He doesn’t love you, no matter what he says.


3. The Mooch

This one initially looks cool and calm. You can’t get into fights with him because he can’t be bothered. However, that happiness won’t last because his laid back aura would soon be a cause for murder. You’d try all you can not to strangle him when he fails to put in any effort. He’s lazy, a child in an adult’s body. He’s unmotivated and will suck the life out of you. Catering to his every need would frustrate you eventually.


4. The Possessive Guy

Some call it passionate love. But when things get too serious for comfort, then run. The possessive guy is like the new version of a father. He checks your every move, and you can’t even breathe or cough when he’s around without questions. He would want to know the why, when and where of your life. Initially, he seems like the cool guy on the block who loves you so much. But in the course of the relationship, you’ll soon learn of the extent of his attachment issues.


5. The Narcissist

Boyfriends like this appear so self-confident. They either have lots of money or are very handsome. There are also those who have nothing like this but are still egotistical. However, they make you feel honoured to be with them. They talk a lot about themselves and care little about knowing about you. Everything is about ‘me’, ‘me’, and ‘me’! His ego needs to be massaged every now and then. So, if you’re not interested in inflating his ego, walk away.


6. The Critic

There’s a difference between constructive criticism and brutal honesty. Your partner-in-crime should be your ride or die best friend and your biggest cheerleader rolled in one person. He should be there supporting you even when you’re feeling low and need someone to hold you up. Your partner shouldn’t dismiss your feelings or any health issues you may have. He should never downplay your abilities but, instead, encourage you to believe you can accomplish anything you set out to do.


7. The Cheat


Boyfriends who cheat don’t wear a placard around their foreheads. So, how do you know he’s a cheat? You don’t. But you can track his past relationships and their duration (not in a stalker kind of way). Ask him questions casually, or ask his friends. Also, consider the conditions under which you met. The cheat has commitment issues. He may be fun and masculine, and this can sweep you off your feet. However, you need to wise up! Don’t be deceived. Play your cards well and study him first before you say yes.


Not all men fall into these categories, while some men have all these traits. Boyfriends are different and come in different shapes and sizes (literally). You need to know their character before you jump in the relationship wagon. Don’t rush into things. Take your time to know him first in order to determine if he’s the one.

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