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Meet Chantel Luther, A South African Leading Woman In Tech

Chantel Luther is the head of quality assurance at a UK based company, TechFINIUM, in South Africa. She has a certificate in Banking from Milpark Business School in 2013. She is also certified by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board as an Advanced Level Test Manager in 2017. Luther received the National Tester Excellence Award in October 2017 by South African Software Testing Qualifications Board (SASTQB) for her significant contribution to the field of software testing in South Africa.


At her job in TechFINIUM, she ensures that systems meet quality standards before users use them. The company delivers business solutions across diverse technologies and industry sectors. On her company’s impact on technology in Africa, she says their impact is immeasurable especially in the aspect of quality assurance. They also make a huge impact in the areas of data processing. She says “in terms of big data and how data is managed, and the overall user experience of systems, that’s what we do.” They ensure maintenance of the highest standard as a company and that’s what makes them so important.



New technology

Luther says she has always had a flair for new technology. It was her curiosity that brought her into tech in the first place. She says it’s an inner excitement that hits her when she hears about something new that drew her into the tech space. She says that “the ability to try something new and never be stuck” is what technology is and what she loves about it. The tech guru added that it’s what has inspired her throughout her career.


On Africa’s technological direction right now, Luther says, “I see big things happening for us. However, if we had better collaboration, we would be in a better place than we are right now.”


She believes that if we can work together as a continent, we would be in a better position to advance faster in the future, technology-wise.


Luther says the biggest challenge of her career so far has been the stereotypes around women in tech. She says, “Sometimes, they underestimate you and we sort of come out and be the underdog. I may be a woman but this what I can do, and it’s very important to let them know that.”


But so far, she has always exceeded expectations, and the challenges are nothing she can’t handle.


The highlight of her career was winning the SASTQB award for contributing to software testing in South Africa. She says she received the award for her positive impact in her field. She adds, “It was such an honour to receive that, I think that is the one highlight of my career.”

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