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Medium Welcomes AI Writing Tools Content With A Caveat

Online publisher and blogging platform Medium has established guidelines for the use of AI writing tools like ChatGPT.


The company’s Vice President of Content, Scott Lamb, shared the new policy in a recent blog post. According to Lamb, you will have to label ‘any story’ that you create with AI assistance. He further said that this was just an ‘initial approach’, so, Medium users should anticipate policy changes in the future as the technology adapts.


Medium wants to promote transparency and help set reader expectations while not totally kicking against AI-generated content. However, the company does find content they believe to be AI-generated but not disclosed, it won’t remove the erring post. Instead, it will block it from appearing on Medium’s recommendation features like “For You” section on the homepage or it “Digest” newsletter.


Medium Daily Digest
Medium Daily Digest


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The Verge reports that some publications on Medium, like Towards Data Science blog, have already banned AI generated content. However, despite lapses like plagiarism, inaccuracies, ethical concerns, limited personal touch, and so on, many publications are still turning to it for help, at least to some degree.


Media company, BuzzFeed, for example, recently announced that it will use AI technology to personalize and enhance content for its readers. Then, there is the popular story of how CNET had to stop using it after it discovered errors in many of the articles it used it on.


Medium’s new policy is a applaudable because it may be difficult to ban AI generated text out rightly as it could encourage writers turning to manipulative measures to continue using it. It is also similar to what academic publisher, Springer Nature, said.


Have you been using AI writing tools like ChatGPT? What has been your experience with it so far?


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