Mayweather Faces 99 Years For Allegedly Stabbing A Woman Over NBA YoungBoy

Mayweather Faces 99 Years For Allegedly Stabbing A Woman Over NBA YoungBoy

19-year-old Yaya Mayweather faces over 99 years behind bars for allegedly stabbing a woman, Lapattra Jacobs over NBA YoungBoy.


Born Iyanna Mayweather popularly known as ‘Yaya’, she is the daughter to superstar boxer and champion Floyd Mayweather and Melissia Rene.


Yaya Mayweather may face 99 years jail time.
Yaya Mayweather plans on pleading not guilty in a court

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Yaya Mayweather on the 5th of April had a violent altercation with Lapattra Jacobs an Ex and baby mama to rapper and NBA YoungBoy; Yaya’s boyfriend.


Yaya met Lapattra in her boyfriend’s — NBA YoungBoy Texas mansion wanted Lapattra gone from the premises. An argument ensued, escalating to physical violence. Mayweather grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Lapattra in the stomach.


Mayweather was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  Later released on a $30,000 bond with specific terms of release:


  • No contact or whatsoever with the victim Lapttra or her son.
  • Non-possession of any weapons
  • No drinking of alcohol or taking of drugs.

She, Mayweather has since hired Kurt Schaffer, a popular celebrity defence attorney to defend on her return to court and plans on pleading not guilty.


The alleged victim in the case reportedly recently broke her silence on the incident on Instagram. “No I’m not ok I’m f***** up in the head and I hate to say it” she said “Can y’all just leave me alone[?]” She added that she never wanted to have all this attention.


Yaya’s mom, Melissia Rene on Instagram posted a video of her and Yaya with a caption “Got your back FOREVER,”.


If convicted of this crime, Mayweather could be spending as much as 99 years in prison and a fine of $10,000.


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