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Mastercard Unveils Two Contactless Payment Solutions, To Start Testing In October 2020

To provide better health precautions for customers, multinational financial service corporation, Mastercard is rolling out two contactless payment solutions in 2020.


These two solutions will leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI). In a Business Insider report, Mastercard will start testing one of its contactless payment solutions, Shop Anywhere, in October 2020.


Shop Anywhere by Mastercard will use AI and computer vision technology to allow customers to shop and make payments without being in the physical location. The corporation is partnering with Accel Robotics to develop the tech.


Mastercard will start testing this solution at stores such as Circle K, Delaware North and so on.

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The second payment solution that it is launching is a Drive Through model. But, AI will power this, making it an advanced type of Drive Through. It will give restaurants and stores the capability of offering customers personalised or dynamic menus on their mobile devices, Business Insider says.


These menus will leverage a customer’s store preference, ordering history and trends, and other informative inputs as well. One issue it will get rid of is wait times at locations. For now, Mastercard only mentions that it will test this solution at White Castle. But, likely, it will also test it at other ‘quick-service’ locations later in 2020.


As many experts have said, human behaviour will likely be forever changed due to the pandemic. Also, while such activities as in-store shopping may return, it may not be as massive as before the COVID-19 ear. At least, not for a long time.


Thus, it is encouraging that payment services like Mastercard are offering people solutions to avoid physical contact where they can.


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