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Mark Zuckerberg reveals four Metaverse VR headset prototypes

Mark Zuckerberg revealed four VR headset prototypes that Meta is working on for the metaverse; each solving a unique issue. According to the company’s CEO, the challenge going on from here is how to combine all the features of the prototypes into on VR headset.

In addition to one headset handling all these features, the headset has to be lighter and thinner. Here is what Zuckerberg said in full:


Showing some new prototype VR displays as part of our research to make the metaverse as realistic as the physical world. Need to solve challenges with retinal resolution, multiple focal depths, high dynamic range and more — and then fit all that tech into devices lighter / thinner than anything that exists. We have the best teams in the world working on all these problems.

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Monday, June 20, 2022

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In the video, the four prototype headsets are codenamed Butterscotch, Half Dome, Starburst, and Holocake 2. Each of them serves specific purposes, which are areas that Meta wants to improve on.

For example, Butterscotch is an attempt to create a near-retina-quality headset display that lets users read the smallest letters on an eye chart. The Half Dome prototype is supposed to bring focal depth features like varifocal and eye-tracking tech to let users focus on things far away or close to them.

Starburst uses powerful lamps to produce high dynamic range (HDR) lighting that makes what you see in VR as bright as light does in nature to make things seem more realistic and vivid. Holocake 2 is a working holographic VR headset that can already play PC VR experiences.

Mark Zuckerberg says that the engineers will be working on bringing all these features to its products by 2023.

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