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Maraji Reveals She Is Better Off Single, Months After Her Breakup

Popular comedienne Maraji has spoken out about how she feels following the end of her two-year-old relationship in August.

Just last month, Maraji couldn’t hold back her tears on Instagram. The skit maker told her followers that her ex called it quits with their relationship

She revealed they have been together for two years and also how sad she is now to have been left alone by the guy who she said now loved someone else.

Meanwhile, the talented comedienne now believes being single is far better than the headaches of a relationship.

Maraji Reveals She Is Better Off Single, Months After Her Breakup With Boyfriend

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“I am so fine. I feel like I am even better off being single than when I was in a relationship. The relationship was extremely stressful. When one is with the wrong person, one would know. But we girls, even if we know the boy is not good for us, we would still want to hold on to the nonsense.

You know it and nobody needs to tell you, but you would be deceiving yourself that all men are not perfect. However, you saw the red flags but you allowed yourself to be blinded by love.”


It is good to know Maraji is healing from her heartbreak. We hope she finds love again.


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