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Manipulative Techniques To Getting Your Way Always

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Ever wondered how you could get people to like you and do your bidding? Rather than attempt hypnosis, you can easily get your way through simple manipulative techniques. Don’t worry; it’s innocent and wouldn’t result in any casualties. You just might get someone to give you what you want against their wish, but that’s the point. You’re allowed to want to get things done at the snap of your finger without putting in too much work every now and then. It’s actually possible! It all involves a few tips.


With these, you can get yourself remembered, get people to say yes to you, or even get what you want. Find out what we know about how to get your way below.


Manipulative techniques to getting your way always



1. Use contrast to get what you want

In order to get what you want, you can ask for something bigger. After you get a big fat NO, you can start bargaining by asking for something slightly smaller. Eventually, you will get exactly what you want or something close. To the other party, it may seem like they won. Meanwhile, you know you just got your way.


2. Mirror the other person’s body language

This is one way to read nonverbal messages and is also a way to get someone to like you. The best way to achieve this is to wait 30-60 seconds to mirror their poses or gesture. For example, when they either cross their arm or legs while in a conversation with you, you should do the same after 30-60 seconds. It makes them remember, like and trust you while making a long-lasting impression.


3. Use “Because” in discussions

When talking in a heated conversation, there are a lot of opinions being thrown around. However, the word ‘because’ can increase your chances of getting a positive response. The word gives a sense of reason to the madness and makes it more memorable. Your opinion would probably get chosen as the final one because you used ‘because’.


4. Nod slightly to get a yes

If you want someone to agree with you in a discussion or to simply say yes, here’s what to do. Maintain eye contact with that person while asking the question, then nod slightly. This slight nod makes them believe you agree with them which creates the social pattern of nodding back. Try not to overdo the nod!


There are more manipulative techniques where these came from.



5. Pause between words

When talking, you want to get what you’re saying heard and remembered. Great speech givers have gotten a hang of this one, and it’s possible they read this article from a futuristic realm. Anyway, there’s no point in rambling on if you want to get the message to strike home. The trick is to add a pause after every statement. This would give them time to think. The result of this is obtaining the right emphasis in your speech. In addition, don’t speak too loud (obnoxious), low (shy) or too slow (lazy), just keep your tone right.


6. Stay silent

This is one trick great listeners have bagged. There’s something about having someone listen to you that just makes you want to talk your mouth off. Here’s why: people tend to want to voice out their thoughts, and it works even best when they get a nonverbal assertive response. By getting a nod here and there, you would find them sharing even more. Also, when they get no response, it makes them feel the need to explain more. Just ensure you maintain eye contact to keep them aware you’re still interested.


7. Be the first or last for an interview

If you want to be remembered, you should either be the first or last. Even if they are worn out at the end, they would still remember the last person they met before the interview came to an end. However, this manipulative technique does not mean you should show up late or unprepared.


8. The Benjamin Franklin effect

If you want someone to change their perception of you, you can ask them for a favour. Their conduct towards you helps change their perception of you because they like themselves more in the act of kindness towards you.


What other psychological tricks do you know? Share them in the comment section below!

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