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Malware USB-Carrying Woman Arrested For Sneaking Into President Trump’s House

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A woman with a few tech gadgets and a USB filed with malware was recently arrested for entering United States President Donald Trump’s house. Hidden camera detection devices were also found in her hotel room.


The Chinese woman, Yujing Zhang, is now being held without bond by the United States secret service. According to them, she was also found with some US and Chinese currency.


Zhang was seen awkwardly talking her way into the US president’s Mar-a-Lago home on 30th March. She then headed to the pool of the house with four phones, two Chinese passports, one hard drive and a malware-laden USB stick.


The purpose of her visit is still being questioned. The fact that she was not truthful about her purpose of visit raised hacking suspicions. However, there was no proof that she had installed the software anywhere or had any intention to do so.


The pool Yujing Zhang was found in Donald Trump's home


More questions

Meanwhile, Zhang has faced charges with false statements to a federal officer and entering a restricted building. She got into the security post of the building by saying she was going to the pool. It was later discovered that she had no swimwear.


The Secret Service said the screening carried out was to determine if Zhang had any prohibited items. They added that they do not determine who is allowed into the resort. After she gained access to the resort, she got to the reception area and told a different story about her purpose of visit. She said she was attending a United Nations Chinese American Association event. Alas, there was no such event at the resort.


Upon questioning, Zhang, who first appeared to speak poor English, was discovered to speak and write English fluently. In her defence, she said she had been in contact with a man. He asked her to speak to President Trump’s family about Chinese and American foreign economic relations.

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