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M.I Speaks About His Feud And Reconciliation With Vector

Ace Nigerian rapper M.I Abaga has spoken up about his feud with his colleague with Vector and how they reconciled. In a chat with Chude Jideonwo, the rapper said that he got tired of Vector’s negative comments about him.M.I Speaks About His Feud And Reconciliation With Vector

“Anytime I’ve been asked about Vector, I speak glowingly about him. I have called him one of the best freestylers, called him a great artist. You can check my tweets. Type MI Vector and see what I’ve said about him.

If you find me one clip, ever, of Vector saying something nice about me, one clip, I’ll apologise. Every single time I’m involved in one form of issue, he pops up, says something about me and it’s always something negative.

It’s always shade. At some point, I just got tired. There also came the narrative that MI is not going to respond cause he’s scared. And I think that situation was very unique because I had just started.” He said.

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The M.I also said that he was silent at a point because he was adhering to the advice of music industry figures.

“The thing was heating up. Every egbon in music business called me and told me to say nothing. I got on a plane someday and met this West African director of a multinational company, a powerful woman, who was in tune with what was going on. She also advised I don’t respond to whoever it is that’s saying things about me.

I tweeted, and she tells me ‘you see, your tweet pops up on my screen, so be careful what you say on your platform’.

Even coming to that situation which I hadn’t prepared for before, I had to be like, ‘hey you know what, I can’t respond willingly, I can’t talk about this the way I want to talk about it but it was time for me to say something.”

In 2019, both rappers engaged in a protracted feud that saw them pour out their grievances in diss tracks.

M.I had released “The Viper”, a beef song aimed at Vector, a move which prompted the latter to put out “Judas the Rat”, a diss track for the Jos-born artiste.

The duo, however, sheathed their swords with the release of “Crown of Clay” their collaborative project, in March 2020.

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