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Love Wins Online or Offline

Finding love on social media is now old news.

Facebook love made it into the real world and Twitter love took a walk down the aisle. However, it looks like dating apps are getting some attention in this part of the world.

A lot of young people are under pressure to find love. This pressure can be from society or just a personal need for companionship, but it is there nonetheless. This might be responsible for the rapid popularity of dating apps in recent times.

Dating Apps – redefining the game

Online dating and dating apps are now very popular among millennials.

A lot of young people are now active users of dating apps. OkCupid, Badoo, Zoosk, Tinder and, most recently, Bumble are some of the apps that Nigerians interact with.

As much as people rarely go on social media to find love, dating apps are a place for people seemingly looking for the same things.

OkCupid is said to be dated after the introduction of newer apps. According to popular consensus though, Badoo is for hooking up and casual s*x. Tinder is almost like Badoo but with a less direct approach and some swear they have found love on it.

Bumble, on the other hand, is the feminist app. The woman is the only one that can start the conversation; talk about women empowerment. This helps to curb the problem of safety and ‘cat-fishing’.

Interestingly, these apps have evolved.

From being location-based to pretty much doing its own due diligence in making sure the profiles are as real as possible, they are becoming a more acceptable means of networking.

Safety Concerns

Dating apps work in different ways and with distinct peculiarities.

There are, of course, concerns as regards safety.

Safety tips range from meeting people up in public to pretty much doing due diligence checks before agreeing to a date with a stranger.

Some argue that meeting people online is just as safe as meeting a new person out on the street or at an event.

The story of the girl that was killed after meeting with a Facebook friend comes to mind.

Nevertheless, it appears everyone has forgotten about it and all is well again in the world as such extreme cases haven’t been reported lately.

Every day on different social media platforms, there are stories of people finding love or making great acquaintances on the internet.

Are you online to find love?

Please leave a comment and let us know how that is working for you.

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