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Logitech Announces Rechargeable Stylus Pen For Chromebooks

Accessories company Logitech has announced a rechargeable stylus pen for classroom Chromebooks. This new stylus is USI-compatible and also durable. That means it has the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) standard which includes the 4,096 levels of pressure among others.

Logitech Pen

This pen actually retails for $64.99, lasts up to 15 days of regular school use assuming used only 2.5 hours daily. Users can quickly get this pen up to life to 30 minutes of use with a 30-second charge. Unlike most stylus pens in the market, Logitech new stylus is large and offers more grip for children. This is also compatible with Chromebooks that supports the USI standard, with its resemblance to a pencil.

Logitech Pen Yellow 4

The pen has a USB opening at the top of it which allows for charging. The silicon materials surrounding the pen makes it grippy and comfortable to hold. Unlike other pens like Apple’s or iPads, this stylus doesn’t have an eraser at the top.

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In addition to the positives of this stylus. Logitech says it is spill-resistant. It can also survive up to four-foot drops as it is MIL-STD-810G  compatible. The icing on this pen is its class-leading 3 years warranty.

Unfortunately. Logitech isn’t releasing the headphone to the general public. They are currently available for the education and technology sector. With that said it will be only sold in bulk, so ready your pockets for the huge preorders. Logitech says the stylus will be available around April 2022.



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