You are currently viewing Lockdown: Armed Robbery Attacks In Ogun, Hoodlums Loot Ajah Market, Burn Houses

Lockdown: Armed Robbery Attacks In Ogun, Hoodlums Loot Ajah Market, Burn Houses

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While the lockdown has forced people hiding, it seems it has also provided free ground for hoodlums and robbers to practice their craft.


Stories of stealing, killings and burning have surfaced from different parts of the country particular in Ogun State and most recently, Ajah, Lagos State.


Residents of Sango, Agbado, ifo, Ijoko and others recently took to Twitter to report repeated cases of robberies and killings in their locality. According one Twitter user, armed robbers numbering over hundred storm their residence in robbery operations that lasts days.

See tweets

ogun state
Residents of Ogun state burning tires at night to keep armed robbers away. Photo: EveryEvery Nigeria


Calls have been made to the police in this areas but it seems they’ve not being able to contain the situation. Many live in fear as they’re helpless against these attacks.

Also, the hashtag #ogununrest has since yesterday been trending on Twitter in a attempt to alert the world of the current situation.

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In the same vain, residents of Ajah in Lagos State are also experiencing wanton attacks from hoodlums. In one report, armed men attacked the Ajah Market, looted shops carting away goods and in a dramatic twist; left behind apology notes.

See tweet below

Also, an age long battle between the Ajah and Ilaje communities have been resurrected. Houses along Ajah and Ilaje boundaries have been set ablaze.

See tweet below

While these disputes bordering on land ownership has been ongoing between the warring communities, the burning of houses is brazen turn and it can be deduced that hoodlums have been emboldened by the lockdown.


The Nigerian securities are being called upon to swing into action swiftly as hapless Nigerians are stuck between Coronavirus and blood thirsty marauders.


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