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Image Source: TechCrunch

LinkedIn Rolls Out New Feature To Schedule Posts

LinkedIn, the social media platform for professionals, is rolling out a new feature that allows users to schedule posts. It joins a growing list of platforms that now allow in-app scheduling.

TechCrunch reports that the company had begun limited testing the feature since August and is only now releasing it to other users. The release is gradual and now everyone using the platform will see it at once.

However, for those that already have it, the feature is represented by a small clock icon beside the post button in the post template. When you select the icon, you will see time options for when you want your post to be shared. The time are separated half-hourly and those not allow you select a particular time, like what you have on Twitter for web.

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It makes sense that a platform targeting professionals is launching this feature because not many people use LinkedIn in their free time. So, with the scheduling tool, you can optimise your reach by catching users during their productive hours.

Meanwhile, third-party vendors who provide this service are once again left biting their nails as another social media platform takes away one of their most valuable services. In addition, LinkedIn users will be more than happy to stop giving these vendors access to their accounts, which could leave them vulnerable to an attack as we have seen in the case of Twitter crypto hacks in the past.

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