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LinkedIn is Launching its first live video streaming service

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LinkedIn is now allowing people stream live video content on its platform.

With about 600 million users, Microsoft is getting involved through its ownership of the social network.

Through its Azure Media Services, Microsoft is helping support the live video service by providing all the important technology to help the live video streaming service function without glitches.

In partnership with other live video streaming apps like Brandlive, Socialive, Switcher Studio, Wirecast and Wowza Media Systems; it will allow content creators to take advantage of experienced streaming services.

LinkedIn is yet to reveal whether it will make this new video streaming service available worldwide but it’s currently only available to US users this week as an invite-only beta.

The new service, LinkedIn Live, will focus on streaming events, conferences, awards ceremonies, Question & Answer Sessions etc.

With this move, (especially if/when it becomes available worldwide to all its users), LinkedIn will be now be a major contender in the social media space, competing with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others who provide live video streaming services.

Though LinkedIn has been able to carve its niche as a professional networking app, there is no doubt it’s trying to make a major statement with this move.

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