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LINE Is The Highest Grossing App On Nigeria’s Google Play Store This Week

LINE is a freeware app that is used for instant communications and its mobile app is the highest-grossing app on Nigeria’s Google Play store charts. Like many other apps on the top ten chart, LINE makes most of its revenue from in-app purchases as well as other paid features.


The application is very popular and currently has more than 500 million downloads from the Play store alone. Despite its large file size of nearly 90 MB, many of its users find it very useful and essential. As in-app purchases are not popular in Nigeria, LINE has somehow managed to do very well.


In second place on the chart we have Google One. Its 10 million downloads are dwarfed by LINE’s achievement. But unlike LINE, Google One is new and was released in 2018 while the former has been available since 2011. This app from Google makes revenue from paid subscriptions besides the in-app purchases it offers.


Dingtone and NovelCat applications are in third and fourth places respectively. While the former has over 10 million downloads, the latter has a little over 1 million downloads. Thus, NovelCat ranking fourth is impressive and it is one spot above Udemy.

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LINE Is The Highest Grossing App On Nigeria’s Google Play Store This Week


Udemy mobile application is among the most popular app on this top ten list of highest-grossing apps on Nigeria’s Google Play store. Boasting over 10 million downloads, the is well known for the paid online courses it offers. AnyBooks is sixth and since it requires a down payment of NGN2,690 to be downloaded; it is understandable that its 10,000 downloads will put it on this list. It is also new, released in April 2020, and would likely get higher ranking in the future.


Tinder is in seventh place while a VPN app with 10 million downloads called NordVPN is in eighth place. Hushed, an app that offers communication services is ninth while VivaVideo is in tenth place. As the only smartphone tool app on the list, VivaVideo’s position shows that while many people use these kinds of applications, they do not purchase many of its paid features.


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