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Lilian Afegbai Says She Can’t Marry a Man Who Doesn’t Own a House

Nollywood actress Lilian Afegbai says she will not marry a man who is not comfortable enough to own a house before settling down.

Lilian Afegbai Says She Can't Marry a Man Who Doesn't Own a House
Lilian Afegbai

In an interview with media personality, Toke Makinwa on her podcast, Toke Moments, she faulted such men.

For her, there is something wrong with any man who doesn’t have a house in his name before settling down.

She said, “Something is wrong with a man that doesn’t have a house in his name”.

Speaking on her type of man, she also revealed that she isn’t looking for a billionaire, but someone who is comfortable.

Her potential suitor must have a house and car and must be able to meet her basic needs.

“I am not looking for a billionaire. I am looking for a comfortable guy, be able to do basic things. Comfortable for me means have a house, and car”. 


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Meanwhile, this will not be the first time the actress will be taking a swipe at the male gender.  In March 2021, Lilian Afegbai explained that she’s no respect for men who allow women to pay their bills.

She took to her Instagram stories to bash men whose women take care of. According to her, these kinds of men are vegetables and undeserving of any respect.

“I can never understand a woman that pays a man’s bill. It’s different if you guys are married and things go bad where you have to step in and help till he get back on his feet,” she wrote.

But paying his rent and all, men have pride they will carry your money and give to that girl who would respect and appreciate them for the little they do… A man who’s comfortable with a woman paying his bills is a vegetable”.

2No matter how much you think a woman has, as a man you should take care of her no matter how little you can afford. That’s you keeping your pride”. She wrote


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