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Life Hack: Use Google Assistant For More Than Just Information

Google launched its smart assistant software across a broad range of devices in 2017. Many are aware that Google Assistant exists but not many know the reach and ability of this software.


Google Assistant is an improvement on Google Now, the voice control information generator that was accessible by saying “OK Google”. Even the now-defunct Google Now knew such things as your place of work, favorite sports team, meetings and your general interests.


Google Assistant also gathers this information from the various things you have done on your devices. However, it offers more than just bring up relevant information. One thing it can do is hold a meaningful conversation with you. Of course, it cannot compare to human conversations as it is programmed to be polite and ‘helpful’.


Also, users cannot ‘train’ their assistants to carry out functions that were not preprogrammed on it. But it can achieve some things that will amaze you and gets better the more you use it.

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The software can be used with voice commands, voice searching, and also voice-activated device control with supported devices. You can use text commands if you want. Users can also use any of the two phrases “OK Google” or “Hey, Google” to wake it.


life hack google assistant
Google Assistant logo. Photo: Computer World.

Uses of Google Assistant

  1. Control compatible devices as well as your smart home.
  2. Get information from calendars and any other personal information on your devices.
  3. Search for information online (it can give you locations of closest cinemas as well as directions).
  4. You can use it to control your music.
  5. Play contents on your Chromecast as well as any other device that is compatible.
  6. Set alarm, run timers and reminders.
  7. Make appointments, calls and also send messages.
  8. Operate apps that are on your phone.
  9. It can read your notifications to you
  10. Real-time spoken translations
  11. Calculates your estimated time of arrival when using Google Maps to drive and share it with friends if you want.
  12. Users can use it to control messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Hangouts, Viber, Telegram, Android Messages and so on.

Google Assistant is available on all modern Android phones and even Samsung which offers another software assistant, Bixby. It also works on iPhones but there are some restrictions.


This software works on wearable devices that operate on Wear OS. It also works on cars like Audi and Volvo that operate on supported Android Audio. There are also smart TVs and some other home appliances among its portfolio of supported devices.


Use Google Assistant to make your day-to-day life easier.


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