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LG’s New True Wireless Earbuds With Spatial Processing, Whispering Mode

Electronics King LG is releasing a new true wireless earbud, they promise spatial processing, 3D stage sound, and whispering features.



The new 2021 LG TONE Free FP series earbuds lineup has improved significantly. Now with the Meridian-tuned sound, active noise cancellation, the cleansing charger case is a whispering mode and spatial processing.


Special Features

The whispering mode allows for more call privacy and clarity, users will hear and speak in crisp and clear audio. Users can hold their earbuds close to their earbuds as a microphone.


Also new in the 2021LG Tone Free FP is spatial processing from Meridian Audio. This works, in the same way, with Apple’s spatial audio, sounds coming from all directions.


LG whispering earbuds

LG says


“With larger, upgraded drivers and diaphragms featuring silicone edging allowing for more flexibility and movement, the new TONE Free models now deliver more powerful bass without compromising clarity or detail.”


The earbuds charging case has an industry-only auto-cleaning UVnano that keeps ear tips clean to reduce the chances of inner ear infections. The UV-C LED built-in reduces bacteria by 99.9% in just five minutes when charging wired or wirelessly according to LG.

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Only the FP9 and FP8 versions of these 2021 earbuds have the cleaning feature. The Tone Free buds are available in charcoal black, pearl white with the FP8, and Haze Gold for the FP9.


Battery life for the FP9 and FP8 is up to 24 hours with ANC off, and 10 hours with ANC on. Only the FP5 variant has a lesser 22 hours battery life when ANC is on, and 8 hours when off.


LG Free tone Meridan earbuds


LG says a quick 5 minutes charge in the case of the earbuds equates to an hour of listening time. Quite impressive, only the FP8 has wireless charging. When paired with the TONE free app, these earbuds can be further customized with equalizer, ambient sound, and find my earbuds controls.


According to LG, the TONE Free FP series will be available this month in key markets, pricing is not yet known.



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