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LG Velvet launch price specifications

LG Officially Reveals Price Of The Mid-Range Velvet Smartphone Online

LG has revealed the price of the Velvet mid-range smartphone in South Korea after several weeks of speculations and announcements. Since it had been discovered to be in the pipeline, tech enthusiasts have been following the device keenly.


One of the major reasons why people are interested in the LG Velvet was that it was rumoured to be coming at an affordable price while bringing high-end specifications. Thus, it would give the best of both worlds.


The launch had been at a virtual event in South Korea on 6th May 2020, but the company says that it would make an English language announcement later in May.


At its launch, LG revealed the price for the Velvet (the last detail that had not been released before that day). According to the makers, the LG Velvet will cost about $700 in South Korea.


However, there is no information yet to ascertain if the price will be the same for international markets. Likely, it will not be. This is because, generally, smartphones are sold cheaper in their home country than abroad.

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For a quick reminder of what the major specifications of the LG Velvet smartphone are, see this list below:


— Snapdragon 765 processor.

— A 6.8 inch OLED display with a small central notch for the selfie camera.

— Three rear cameras with the following specs; main camera 48MP sensor, 8MP ultra-wide camera, and a 5MP depth sensor.

— Selfie camera uses a 16MP sensor.

— 4,300 mAh battery that supports wired and wireless fast charging.

— 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage.

— IP68 water resistance rating.

— Dual screen accessory.

— 3.5mm headphone jack.

— Stylus support.

— 5G network support.


While its price of $700 may be seen as ‘affordable’, it definitely does not put it in contention for the ‘most affordable high-end phone’ top spot just yet. Also, it remains to be seen what price it would be when it hit stores in other countries.


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