You are currently viewing Let’s Talk Tech Episode 5: GPS Tracking And Telemetry Chat With Wilfred Bunting

Let’s Talk Tech Episode 5: GPS Tracking And Telemetry Chat With Wilfred Bunting

Watch our interview with Wilfred Bunting who is a GPS tracking expert at Nova Track. Bunting is also a telemetry and fleet management expert and works as the technical head at Nova Track.


Nova Track Limited is a leading supplier of vehicle tracking services in Nigeria. During the interview, Bunting reveals how his career began from electrical electronics before entering the automobile field. Then, he finally entered the GPS and telemetry industry.


Fleet management, GPS tracking and telemetry are all under transportation management. The interview sheds light on how businesses can benefit from these services.


Watch the full video here:


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Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in more logistics and delivery services. The interview also addresses how this has impacted the fleet management industry.


Wilfred Bunting also goes into a detailed explanation of how the telemetry setup works. You will also see him describe scenarios where such advanced term as ‘remote vehicle control’ comes into play in real-life situations.


Bunting also comments on self-driving and autonomous technology and how soon people can start seeing it in Nigeria. You will also learn how you can pursue a successful career in the GPS tracking and telemetry field if it interests you in this video.


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