You are currently viewing Let’s Talk Tech Ep. 2: Big Tech Companies And Their Payment Gateways (Giveaway Within)

Let’s Talk Tech Ep. 2: Big Tech Companies And Their Payment Gateways (Giveaway Within)

In this episode of Plat4om’s “Let’s Talk Tech”, our host, Kolawole Awolope, alongside guests Muyiwa Ojetunde and Damilare Awani weigh in on the advent of the big tech companies creating their payment solutions for users. There’s also a giveaway within, so keep reading.


Muyiwa Ojetunde is a software developer and the co-founder of Xputer technologies. Meanwhile, Damilare Awani is a Mobile enthusiast and a Sales Support Specialist at TD Mobile.


If you missed the first episode where Plat4om demystified Blockchain, you can catch up here.


Want to know why big tech companies are creating their own payment gateways? Watch Plat4om’s “Let’s Talk Tech” Episode 2 below.


Meanwhile, if you’re an active Plat4omer, you’d know how much we love giving out free stuff. This time, in our latest Plat4om giveaway, two lucky people stand a chance to win a Vibe 2 phone each if they complete a given task right on time.


Plat4om has, so far, given away a 40-inch Samsung TV, a Samsung S10 phone, an electric kettle, a rice cookera laptop bagan air fryera Motorola smartphone, an Infinix smartphone, loads of free airtime and much more.


Sounds juicy, doesn’t it? Keep reading to find out all you need to do to win this challenge.


What you need to do:

  • First, subscribe to our YouTube channel here.
  • Watch the Plat4om video on “Let’s Talk Tech” Episode 2. (Find the video above.)
  • Then, while watching the video, answer the questions below.
  • Write all the answers in the comments section below.
  • Finally, make sure you fill in the contact field with your active email address in the comments section so that we can reach you if need be.


The questions

  1. Tell us the full names of the 2 guest speakers
  2. What is PCI DSS according to Muyiwa?
  3. What’s the strength of the traditional banking system as mentioned in the interview?
  4. From the interview, what Nigerian tech companies have their payment gateways?
  5. In summary, why are big tech companies creating their own payment gateways?


Please note that your comments will not be visible until we select our winners. We don’t want others “lifting” from your hard work.


That’s all!


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