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Less Is More: The Truth About Technology

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Ever wondered what life was like before technology? Men probably wrote love letters, trekked or rode their bicycles to the woman they loved and professed their love to them. With the lack of technology, especially mobile devices, a lot had to be compensated for. What’s even more outstanding is that they did this in person, and not through a DM on social media. Maybe some romantics are still old-school like that, but that’s beside the point.


Your technology is harming you more than it’s helping you.


The truth about technology



The truth is that technology has saved a lot of unnecessary stress, but at what and whose expense? A lot of people have less in-person interactions but thrive on a pseudo-relationship on social media. Technology is a major digital manipulator that compels users through several mediums. It has the ability to hold your attention by employing certain functions like mobile applications. This redirects you into a growing cycle of likes, comments and video-bingeing that distracts you from the real world.


It may not seem like an addiction because no one really wants to be labelled an addict. However, if you find yourself picking up your phone randomly, then you probably need to break up with your phone. Technology companies have employed strategies that have the tendency to hold your attention. From the little bits of likes and comments, you feel a sense of affirmation. The notifications, in-app purchases and many other manipulators lure you into building an unhealthy technology habit.


This could lead to depression, loneliness, stress and anxiety. Also, your sense of productivity could get severely affected because the reality is that you only have 24 hours in a day. If you spend half of that with your phone — or more — then what’s the result? Some would argue that their phones add value to them, but there’s a whole lot more value that can be derived from real-time interactions (with yourself and others).


However enticing it may seem, it’s actually hard and near impossible to take a break from your phone. This is like telling someone who loves ice-cream to never have it again. There are better approaches to forming a healthier relationship with technology.


As crazy as it may seem, a lot can be achieved when technology is used less.


Why is less more?



Using less technology can greatly impact our lives positively. It’s no secret that the growth of technology is a danger to human life. It has penetrated the human lifestyle at an uncontrollable rate. People are now faced with the fear of missing out (FOMO), trying to keep up with the latest trends and seeking people’s affirmation.


This, in turn, has led to a massive decrease in human’s mental health. It’s not surprising that cases of suicide and depression keep increasing at an alarming rate.


Therefore, developing a digital minimal habit would go a long way in helping you stay healthy. Digital minimalism requires you to use technology less. Technology is neither bad nor good. You just need to strike a balance. Achieve this by determining your values and controlling technology instead of letting it control you.


Less tech opens your eyes to all you have been missing out on from life. By managing your time better, you can learn more skills, and be more productive and efficient.


Here are things you can achieve without your eyes on your screen.

  • You realise that there’s more to life than the cyber world.
  • Pay someone a compliment and see their actual reaction instead of an emoji.
  • Visit people instead of sending messages.
  • Go to places instead of dreaming about them and never going.
  • Learn new skills.
  • You realise you have wasted so much time ‘LoL’ing when you can just laugh out loud with friends in person.


What are those things you believe you can achieve if you spent less time with technology? It might seem unimaginable, but there was life before tech. It wasn’t easy but was actually a good one.

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