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leonardo da vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mechanical Lion Goes On Display In Paris, France

Leonardo da Vinci’s famous mechanical lion on Wednesday, 11th September 2019 went on display in Paris. It will remain on display for a month. The mechanical lion is a tribute to the Renaissance master 500 years after his death.


The lion is two metres (6’7 ft.) high and three metres long. It is also made of wood with a metal mechanism. It is a reconstruction based on a rudimentary sketch left by da Vinci.


leonardo da vinci


Da Vinci designed the long lost automaton on a commission from Pope Leo X. The Pope made it to amuse French king Francois I.


Leonardo Da Vinci, who died in May 1519, had a legendary obsession with the flight of birds. He studied how understanding the mechanism of flight could lead to the creation of a human flying machine.


The lion is on display at the Italian Cultural Institue in Paris.

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