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Lenovo Reveals First Foldable Laptop

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Lenovo has just announced the world’s first foldable laptop. The PC is a prototype of the ThinkPad that adapts the foldable phone technology on a larger scale.


The company said they have been working on the idea for over three years, and they plan to launch the device in 2020. It will, not surprisingly, be a premium product and part of the ThinkPad X1 brand. It will also be in the league of actual laptops and not a tablet. The idea behind this new gadget is to turn a full-on PC into a smaller, more portable device.


Lenovo Foldable Laptop

Lenovo foldable laptop


The new ThinkPad will be less than two pounds in weight. It will be a 13.3-inch four-by-three 2,000 OLED foldable computer. This would be the size when it is folded in half. The screen of the foldable ThinkPad will also fold and have a Windows interface. It will embody software that will optimise the unique form of the foldable screen. When folded, it looks way smaller than the average sized 13-inch laptop.


The hardware prototype remains unfinished, but the folding mechanism seems to be in the works. Users will be able to use it while completely unfolded like a big tablet or partially folded like a book. It will have an inbuilt kickstand that lets you place it on a table for use with the trackpad and wireless keyboard.


The specs of the new laptop are yet to be disclosed, but early reports suggest that it will run on Windows OS and offer an Intel CPU. Furthermore, it’s expected to have cellular support and the ability to charge over USB-C.



Foldable technology is, however, still emerging, and there are a lot of uncertainties regarding it. Lenovo promises that they are doing all due diligence checks to make sure that the folding ThinkPad will not have any problems. This comes following the issues already experienced over Samsung’s Galaxy Fold phones.


Lenovo is taking its time before revealing this technology. The company plans to unveil the Lenovo foldable laptop in 2020. This will give it ample time to learn from the mistakes of others before them and work out any potential bugs.


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