Lenovo New $679 13-inch Yoga 13 Android Tablet/Monitor Announced

Lenovo New $679 13-inch Yoga 13 Android Tablet/Monitor Announced

Lenovo recently announced a new $679 tablet, the Yoga Tab 13. As reported by The Verge it is a global version of the Yoga Pad Pro which launched earlier in China this year.

Yoga Lineup


This tablet is a functional multimedia machine, and thanks to its built-in Micro HDMI input port it serves as an external display unit for a laptop. This can connect to any other HDMI-enabled device with the right accessories.

Lenovo has a new Yoga tablet with HDMI input
Lenovo has a new Yoga tablet with HDMI input


Lenovo will be selling a smaller Yoga Tab 11, a bigger Ta P11 Plus with a 2000 by 12000 display, and the budget-oriented Tab M7 and M8 in the summer. These devices were also announced alongside the Yoga Tab 13.

For productivity, the Yoga tab 13 is compatible with Lenovo’s Precision Pen 2. This enables users to draw or take notes when paired. For specifications, the tab has an 8MP camera for video and photo capture.

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Lenovo has added a background noise reduction feature and promises users will get up to 12 hours of battery life. The Yoga Tab 13 has a sharp full High Definition (1080P) screen, that Lenovo claims can reach a peak brightness of 400 nits.

The Hong Kong-based company has been investing so much in the entertainment space, releasing a slew of products for media consumption and the living room.

Designed with entertainment in mind


All of its new tablets are Google Entertainment Space compatible, users can locate books, videos, and games from a wide range of different apps in a single Hub.



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