Lenovo Is The Number One Supercomputer Vendor For The Fifth Consecutive Time

Lenovo Is The Number One Supercomputer Vendor For The Fifth Consecutive Time

According to the TOP500 list released in July 2020, Lenovo was named number one supercomputer vendor or provider for the fifth consecutive list.


While Lenovo ranked second in the PC industry behind HP in Q2 2020, it leads in the supercomputer industry. It reports that 36% of the world’s supercomputers use its systems in 13 countries.


The company also revealed that the Greene Supercomputer at New York University (NYU) is its most recent customer. This machine uses more than 850 ThinkSystem SD650 nodes and it is currently researching the novel coronavirus.

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Lenovo ThinkSystem are actually the company’s servers and they offer Neptune liquid-cooled systems. Despite not having the fastest supercomputer in 2020 as its clients, Lenovo boasts some other impressive customers.


For example, Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Research Computing’s Canon cluster runs on Lenovo’s servers. This supercomputer has an efficient data processing capacity that is used in researching complicated phenomenon like; earthquake aftershock forecasting, model black holes, map invisible ocean pollutants, flu tracking and details of star formation.


Commenting on this recent achievement, Lenovo says; “Our success is the result of our fantastic team working with our visionary customers and our strategic partners in HPC: AMD and Intel for processors and deep HPC knowledge, NVIDIA for GPUs and interconnect fabric and NetApp for storage.


“Customers have come to rely on these strong partnerships with Lenovo to help them create the systems that will power discoveries and innovations to solve humanity’s greatest challenges in the years to come.”


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