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Leaked! Intel And Microsoft Are Working On Windows 12


  • Intel is reportedly working on Windows 12 for Microsoft, which will likely include AI-powered features, according to industry analysts.
  • The rumors stem from leaks online, but neither Microsoft nor Intel have confirmed the news.
  • Apple’s in-house development of chips has shown how important the collaboration between hardware and software is for performance, and Microsoft will need to have a similar level of collaboration with Intel and AMD.


According to recent leaks, chipmaker Intel is working on Windows 12 for Microsoft, although both companies refused to confirm the news as expected.


The initial leak was from a Twitter user @leaf_hobby, who is known for his accurate leakage of Intel info in the past. They claimed a upcoming Meteor Lake desktop platform includes details of next-gen CPUs that support Windows 12.


Then, another leaker, VideoCardz, claimed that the same thing, mentioning that the platform will have 20 PCIe Gen5 lanes.


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With its investment in OpenAI and its several integrations, industry analysts believe that the Windows 12 will offer AI-powered features. The Verge quotes Microsoft’s head of consumer marketing, Yusuf Mehdi, as saying that future versions of Windows should see AI playing a role. Although, he was talking about Windows 11 updates, it is clear that this means other versions as well.


Mehdi is not the only one at Microsoft that have linked Windows of the future to AI. Windows chief Panos Panay said that AI will reinvent how users use Windows.


Intel and AMD designs chips for Windows computers
Intel and AMD designs chips for Windows computers


The importance of chips in the performance of software cannot be overstated and it is why Apple moved to start making everything inhouse, to keep developments on all sections of its devices on the same level. Microsoft and suppliers, Intel and AMD, will also need similar level of collaboration to ensure its AI-powered operating software does not encounter hardware problems.


An example of how AI can improve a software performance is how MacBooks can now boast of better voice recognition, image processing, and so on due to its M2 chips, which have a dedicated AI chip.


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