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Latest OnePlus Software Update Adds Multipoint Support To The Buds Pro

OnePlus latest software update adds multipoint support to its already excellent Buds Pro earbuds. This firmware update now allows for “dual connections” which means the earbud can connect to two different devices at once.


Multipoint connectivity allows for seamlessly listening to audio and music across two devices. So you could pick up a call from your smartphone and then resume listening to music on your laptop.

OnePlus recently announced the OnePlus Buds Pro earbuds. These new earbuds launched alongside the New Nord 2 smartphone. Cool thing, it will be available in either white or matte black colours. OnePlus refers to these earbuds as the “most advanced listening device”. They retail for $149.99.

OnePlus has decided to give these buds some premium feel by making the stem shiny. They also support Dolby Atmos and active noise cancellation. The company describes it as a “smart adaptive noise cancellation,” meaning they will immediately adjust based on the surrounding.

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For Noise filtration, “Each earbud features a three-mic setup that actively filters out noise levels of up to 40dB as needed in order to deliver a much more comfortable and tailored listening experience, as opposed to conventional ANC systems with fixed levels of noise cancellation,” the company says.

OnePlus promises these buds pro have a listening time of 38 hours including the case. With Active Noise Cancellation on, the buds pro can go 5 hours. And when active noise cancellation is off, the buds pro can go for 7 hours.

These buds are acquired with the latest Bluetooth 5.2, can charge with Qi wireless charging. An impressive 10 minutes charging of these buds pro gives 10 hours of listening time. The rollout of this update would be slow and steady. On its forums, OnePlus says “the OTA update will initially reach a small percentage of users, and then we’ll begin a broader rollout over the next few days.” So if you own the Buds Pro Headset, give it some time and you will experience multipoint functionality.



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