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Password Security Company LastPass Confirms Hackers Got Hold Of Sensitive Data

LastPass, an internet security company that offers vault safety to your login details and quick recall when needed, confirmed that an earlier hack may have been more serious that it claimed, with hackers stealing sensitive customer data.

The hack, which happened in August 2022, was said to have led to an unauthorised party stealing portions of source code and some proprietary information. However, its latest admission is that customer data may have been compromised to some extent.

While customers passwords remain safe, the bad actor was able to access customer data vaults, which the company stored in a cloud-based system as backups. The vault the hackers obtained holds encrypted data like usernames and passwords attached to specific websites, and unencrypted data like website URLs.

LastPass CEO Karim Toubba
LastPass CEO Karim Toubba faced criticism for company’s reluctance to share details of what data hackers stole. Image Source: The Boston Globe.

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As we have seen from several experts, hackers could invest money and computing power in trying to crack the encryption and uncover the encrypted data. Or they can just stick to the easier method of sending phishing emails to users, now that the unencrypted showed who visited which websites.

Snipey Head, a hacker and IT specialist, tweeted that the hackers are likely to turn to phishing methods to catch unsuspecting users, even pretending as a legit site that they have visited and asking them change their login details so as to capture it on their imitation website.

In addition to these, LastPass users are advised to change all their master passwords. The company has promised to monitor all accounts for suspicious activities.

Things don’t look good for LastPass in the business side as it has lost the trust of customers because of its failure to keep their data safe and not being open about what really occurred.

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