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LASGIDIPOOL: What To Know About The Initiative Offering A Way Out Of Lagos Traffic

“Making it Easier for you to get to work and back home; Strictly for the working class,” says the bio of LASGIDIPOOL on Twitter. Here’s what you need to know about this initiative that seeks to offer an escape route from imminent Lagos traffic.


LASGIDIPOOL suddenly re-surfaced after the ban on tricycles and motorcycles in the State’s major roads. The Lagos government had announced that from 1st February 2020, many of the roads would be off-limit for the vehicles.


Lagos ban protest LASGIDIPOOL


Despite the protests from the ride-hailing operators and the many social media posts, the government has not called off the ban. Something urgent was needed and many people were already suggesting carpooling services.


Thus, LASGIDIPOOL stepped up. According to its Twitter page, it is open for only people who have a job. This is for security reasons as it explains. See how to use the services of LASGIDIPOOL:


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For now, it operates on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, and about nine other major roads. The LASGIDIPOOL works by connecting car owners to potential customers who work and live in the same area.


Applicants will have to present a work ID of the institution they work with. For security reasons, these institutions have to have traceable addresses and an online presence.


Also to improve the quality of the security, applicants will have to sign an agreement and fill a registration form that they would pay for. Despite not being popular yet, the LASGIDIPOOL handle is providing people with carpooling tips for Monday already.


See some by accessing the thread in the Tweet below:



Is this a way to escape the Lagos traffic congestion that is imminent?


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