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La Liga: How To Watch Athletico Madrid Vs Barcelona On Your Smartphone

The biggest La Liga fixture on 21st November 2020 features Athletico Madrid taking on Barcelona, thus, we offer you simple steps to watch the match from your smartphone.


As a football fan, you may not be able to get in front of a TV in time for the match. It is clear that you will surely be needing an alternative to see Athletico Madrid and Barcelona battle it out on the pitch.


You may be backing Athletico Madrid to win Barcelona and claim all three points. Or you may be an Barcelona fan hoping that your club defeats Athletico Madrid. You may even just be a neutral football fan looking forward to enjoying good football.


Regardless of what the outcome you prefer is, the only certain thing is that you will want to see it happen. However, what if you cannot watch it in front of a TV?


Not to worry, you can watch matches comfortably from your smartphone. All you need to have is an internet connection and you are good to go. Also, note that the Athletico Madrid – Barcelona match starts by (21:00 in Nigeria) and (16:00 in the US).

See how to watch the La Liga match between Athletico Madrid and Barcelona on your smartphone:

1. Use VPN to change your IP Address


Download and install a free VPN on your phone or computer. While there are paid ones, you can get free ones that work well as well. Next, connect to a VPN server in the country that airs the La Liga match for citizens. You can use this to watch matches on online streams available for only people in the location.


We understand that this option may seem a little technical, so we give you easier ones.


2. Watch La Liga live on Twitter


This option is very easy to access. Just follow Twitter handles like, @FBSkill @Top5vid, @BRGoals or @goalstv3, and just minutes before the La Liga match kick-off, you see the link posted on the handles’ timeline.


While this Live stream may be limited by the broadcaster’s network, it works in many locations around the world. You also get new links once an old one encounters issues.

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3. Go to


Using this website provides links to watch live matches. It is also accessible from almost everywhere. About minutes before the match kicks off, the broadcaster posts a link to follow it live from your devices.


4. Go to Reddit’s soccer page


Access the link above and watch live La Liga matches from your smartphone. While some are restricted, some are easily accessible. If you need to access a link that is restricted in your area, you can use a VPN to overcome this obstacle.


5. Watch on


This website allows visitors to watch many TV stations for free. You can watch Sky Network, BT Sports, Sony Network, Star Network, Fox Network, ESPN, MU TV, NFL Network, MLB Network, WWE Network, NBA TV and so on. Some of these stations usually air La Liga matches.


These methods are tested and trusted. Don’t miss a minute of today’s clash between Athletico Madrid and Barcelona.


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