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Kunle Afolayan Reacts To Oscars ‘No Submission’ Revoke, Says God’s Hands Is Working!

Popular filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan, has reacted to the current order by the Oscars to the NOSC to revoke their ‘No Submission’ at the 2023 Oscars

Kunle Afolayan Reacts To Oscars 'No Submission' Revoke, Says God's Hands Is Working!
Kunle Afolayan ad Anikulapo flyer

Recall that we brought you the news on how the Oscars gave the committee a week

to chose a film that will represent Nollywood at the ceremony next year

Kunle Afolayan has been one of the many filmmakers who had frowned at the NOSC’s decision,

being that his movie, Anikulapo fits the bill completely

In fact fans of the movie had continuously called on the oscars to intervene, as they believe ‘Anikulapo’ should is the perfect movie for the Oscars.

However, taking to his twitter account to confirm the news, Kunle Afolayan thanked fans for being persistent

It’s just being confirmed that The academy ‘OSCARS’ have given the Nigerian Oscars selection committee a week to re-vote and represent a film to represent Nigeria by October 21st latest. God’s hands is in this one I believe! Anikulapo on my mind

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On tuesday, Shaibu Husseini, a member of the committee, claimed that the Academy had given NOSC a “extension for a final determination” by the members.

“I have just been informed that the International Feature Film Executive Committee of @TheAcademy has intervened.

in the issue regarding the Nigerian Official Selection Committee (NOSC).

I note that an extension has been granted for a final determination by the @officialnosc,” Husseini tweeted.

“also note the IFF Committee’s directive that ‘the ENTIRE approved NOSC will be required to ALL reconvene

and make a final determination’.

Though I resigned my membership of the NOSC because I felt, among other reasons, that we did not reach a CONSENSUS on the ‘nill submission’.”

Also recall that the committee chose three movies, including Elesin Oba from EbonyLife Studios, Anikulapo from Kunle Afolayan,

and the highest-grossing King of Thieves directed by Femi Adebayo.

While eight members apparently voted for “nil submission,” Elesin Oba reportedly received five votes,

with the remaining films, King of thieves and Anikulapo receiving a 1-1 tie.

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