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Kraken crypto exchange is hiring but leave your sensitivity at home

Kraken crypto exchange company appears to have not gotten the memo on industry price tumbling because while others are cutting down on jobs, it is still hiring. It seems unbelievable that while giants like Coinbase and are unable to keep their employees, Kraken is looking to add to its fold.

However, before you start running over there with your CV, you may want to read some of the fundamentals of the company. While Kraken confirmed that it is indeed looking for 500 new employees, it says that they must put crypto first before any other things.

Turns out that the other things include how they feel about race, trans rights, and general workplace behaviour. In a leaked document, the company said a lot of things that dangled on the line of being insensitive and borderline disturbing.

For example, one section says that Kraken is founded on a belief in the constitutional basis for free speech, free markets, and armed self-defense. Yet, a closer look at what these vague statements mean lets the cat out of the bag eventually.

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The document explicitly says that employees are not to call a colleague’s words ‘toxic, hateful, racist, or x-phobic’ because, as this particular section is titled: Someone Must be Offended, Some of the Time.

In addition, a Twitter thread from the company’s CEO, Jesse Powell, claimed that of the 3200 employees at Kraken, only 20 of them disagreed with the culture document it had written up. Here is what he listed as a summary of what they were ‘upset’ about:

His conclusion for those looking for a job at Kraken is ‘back to dictatorship.’

“The answer for us was to just lay out the culture doc and say: agree and commit, disagree and commit, or take the cash,” Powell Tweeted.

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