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Korra Obidi Says She May Never Get Married Again

Nigerian Dancer, singer and mother of 2, Korra Obidi, has revealed that she may never get married again

Korra Obidi Says She May Never Get Married Again
Korra Obidi and her ex husband Justin Dean

after her experience with her estranged husband, Dr Justin Dean.

Recall that the in April, American therapist Justin Dean confirmed that his marriage to Korra Obidi had ended.

When the doctor announced his divorce from his wife, the internet went into a frenzy.

He further announced on his Instagram page that he had filed for divorce from the dancer because he couldn’t stand for being treated badly.

He claimed that he gave up after giving it his all to try to save the marriage and didn’t want to confront reality, but he had no choice.

Especially considering that he had supported and loved her with all of his heart, he revealed how heartbroken and unhappy he was over the occurrence.

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Meanwhile recently, Korra Obidi took to her instagram to blast jealous people who caused her marriage to fail

According to her, ‘jealous goats’ on social media kept telling her husband bad tales about her which made her run away from home.

In a new development, Korra has spoken again, revealing why she will never get married again.

According to her, marriage is not an easy institution and despite giving it her all, it still didn’t work out.

Lamenting further, Korra said s3xually, she gave her husband different styles and skillfully, she cooked well for him,

but despite all these her marriage still failed and because of this, she will never attempt to marry again.

Korra said;

“I don’t think I can marry again, I don’t know weya it is something I can do again, because that institution, .. I tried, I gave it my all, I gave it my full chest, inside that institution, mo ma cook, mo ma shake kini ye, mo ma fu ni doggy style, police style, elephant style, any style…”


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