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Konami announce Silent Hill game remake, movie and more

— Konami announced several new Silent Hill games, including an interactive and a remake.
— A Silent Hill movie is on the way and it would be directed by Christophe Gans.
— Fans should expect new merchs.

In a stream on Wednesday, October 19, game giant Konami announced upcoming remake of its Silent Hill franchise along with several other projects.

The company compiled the news into a 48-minute video that was initially livestreamed. It came a little too late as earlier on the same day, leakers had revealed the details of the planned event. Yet, it was still well received, with half a million people watching the video about four days later.

The first announcement was of a Silent Hill remake, spearheaded by Bloober Team, which made Layers of Fear and The Medium. For now, there is no release date yet and the company only confirmed that it will be exclusive to PS5 and PC for the first 12 months.

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It seems that Konami is working on two separate games with one of them, Silent Hill: Ascension, being an interactive version, which requires players to decide what happens to characters. The company said that this version will have no reset button.

The second game is tagged Silent Hill: Townfall, and it is under the care of No Code Studio and Annapurna Interactive. It is not clear what makes the second game a must experience, likely, we will get more details in the future.

Then, the next revelation was of a new movie, which will be based on Silent Hill 2 and directed by Christophe Gans, who helmed the 2006 installment. In addition, the company announced several branded merchandise.

Part of the announcement was a clip of Silent Hill F, which is likely another game, but not much was said about this.

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