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Kim Kardashian Reveals That Kanye West Was Warned Not To Date Her

Celebrity power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West chronicle the early days of their relationship in this exclusive clip from Sunday’s new True Hollywood Story.


In the clip, we hear from Kanye make a list of Kim’s greatest attributes during an exceedingly heartfelt confessional-style interview. He said about Kim: “Every time I was around her or I saw her, it was a magnetic attraction to this force of energy”.


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Kanye West described his now-wife of five years as “good,” “pure,” “happy,” “loving,” “courageous” and “strong.”

But as solid as the power couple’s relationship is now, its origin story was not free of challenges. During her own solo sit-down with the THS camera, Kim recalls the flack Kanye received when the two officially started dating back in 2012, a decade after their first meeting.


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Kim Kardashian revealed that many people warned Kanye West not to get into a relationship with her. They claimed that Kim would be bad for his career and would drag him down.


“I mean, everyone would tell him, ‘You can’t be with her. She’s a reality star. She’s gonna sink your career,'” she recounts. Kim Kardashian went on to say Kanye West was always keen on following his heart instead of the public’s opinion. “He was just like, ‘But I love her. I don’t care.'”


Watch a clip of the video below:


We’re glad he didn’t listen to the haters because now Kim and Kanye are happily married with four beautiful children. How romantic!


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