You are currently viewing “Killing Michael Jackson”: A Documentary About The Death Of The Pop Star

“Killing Michael Jackson”: A Documentary About The Death Of The Pop Star

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“Killing Michael Jackson”, a new documentary that explores the circumstances around the death of the legendary pop icon, is set for release. The Discovery channel, where the one-hour-long film will air, picked up the documentary. It will play in international territories like Italy, Germany, the Nordics, Poland, New Zealand and Belgium. The show will also air in Quest Red free-to-air service in U.K.


Michael Jackson in Buffalo, New York on 26th August 1984.


The documentary reportedly contains rare details from the case files on Michael Jackson’s death. It also commemorates the 10th anniversary since the “Thriller” singer’s death. Killing Michael Jackson will shed more light into the pop star’s death. The filmmakers delved into detailed moments leading to his death, as well as the aftermath of it.


Michael Jackson died in 2009 from an overdose of the anaesthetic, propofol. His sudden death sparked an investigation relating to the cause of his death.




As a result of the investigation, the court convicted Conrad Murray, his cardiologist, of involuntary manslaughter. Dr Murray also faced a four-year prison sentence in 2011. They later released him for good behaviour.


The documentary will feature Orlando Martinez, Dan Myers and Scott Smith, three detectives who worked on the case. Doctor Murray will also feature.


“Killing Michael Jackson” is a production from the Indie producer, Zig Zag.


The managing director of distributor Zig Zag Productions, Matt Graff explains:

“We are delighted that this documentary has been picked up in territories across the world. This film focuses on the intriguing circumstances surrounding Michael Jackson’s death, giving audiences a fascinating insight into the final moments of the pop star’s life and the criminal process that lead to the arrest and conviction of Dr Conrad Murray.”


“Killing Michael Jackson” will come just a few months after the release of the HBO’s explosive documentary, “Leaving Neverland”.



This documentary explores the child-molestation accusations that waded the life of the pop-star for many years. Prior to its release, fans mounted a high-profile campaign against the release of the four-hour documentary. They protested outside British broadcaster Channel 4’s headquarters in March. In spite of this, HBO released “Leaving Neverland”.




The new documentary does not cover any of these child-molestation allegations. Rather, the one-hour documentary will revolve around Jackson’s death, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


“Killing Michael Jackson” does not yet have an official release date.

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